Editor's life

My three months of news adventure

10/01/2014 16:08
DWU student reporters (L-R) Jessica Koae, Milka Akane and Daisy Pakawa.   By Daisy Pakawa, DWU student reporter     THE last three months at the Post-Courier was an awesome hectic adventure. Every day was unique. One day I’m hot and hungry and in the middle of nowhere,...

My first day in the newsroom

03/01/2014 15:52
DWU student reporters (L-R) Daisy Pakawa, Milka Akane and Jessica Koae.    By Jessica Koae, DWU student reporter   ENTERING the Post-Courier newsroom on Lawes Road in the National Capital District on October 24, 2013 to clock my first day of work experience with student colleagues...

12-months as Post-Courier Editor

31/12/2013 17:58
"We will improve and can only get better to keep you informed" IT is 12 months since I took on the role as editor of the Post-Courier and 2013 has been a mixed bag of success but I am confident we can and we will improve and can only get better to keep Papua New Guineans informed in the New...