My first day in the newsroom

03/01/2014 15:52

DWU student reporters (L-R) Daisy Pakawa, Milka Akane and Jessica Koae. 


By Jessica Koae, DWU student reporter


ENTERING the Post-Courier newsroom on Lawes Road in the National Capital District on October 24, 2013 to clock my first day of work experience with student colleagues Milka Akane, Daisy Pakawa and Augustine Chaslon was a blessing. 
As a student reporter I would say my time in the newsroom enabled me to see and read of PNG’s current development challenges. Likewise the staff of the Post-Courier –especially the editorial staff – were very encouraging and supportive. I am glad that with their support and encouragement, I gained a lot of confidence to write stories.
Apart from learning journalism skills taught at the Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang, my Post-Courier experience equipped me with the skills to face the real world and deliver news for the mass audience to read and be aware of what is actually happening in our country.
Seeing my byline in the newspaper for the first time gave me the best feeling ever in my life. I recall the thought I had in my mind that on this very day God is giving me the opportunity to make my mark as a student reporter. Likewise it is really great when you see someone reading and enjoying a piece you've written.
While working at Post-Courier I’ve noticed that senior journalists and editors coming under a lot of pressure and look to reporters to provide them with the facts of a story they are working on and story ideas. This made me to realize that being a journalist is not an easy job because every day things happen and we become curious (or should become curious) of all those things that occur. Like what our Communication Arts lecturers Br Michael Mcmanus (who is currently at Brisbane), Mr Matbob and Mr Namun usually say, ‘journalists have a nose for news’. 
Sometimes I make mistakes in my writing and the Chief of Staff Gorethy Kenneth would email me and correct me. Sometimes I feel like quitting because of those mistakes. Despite those challenges that I’ve encountered, I’d say the newsroom experience enabled me to meet and talk to a wide range of interesting people.
Therefore I am looking forward to achieving my dream of becoming a journalist who will serve the country and be voice of the nation in the years ahead. I am so thankful that the Post-Courier has given me the opportunity to undergo my work experience and to really feel what it is like to be a journalist.