Trawen thanks civil society for peaceful polling

02/08/2012 18:34

PNG electoral commissioner Andrew Trawen.





The Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen today expressed his utmost gratitude and appreciation to the churches, community-based organizations, media, and temporary poll workers for their part in ensuring the successful and peaceful outcome of 2012 National General Elections.

“Churches in particular through the Operation Brukim Skru dedicated the 2012 elections to God and prayed for divine intervention and surely the good Lord heard their prayers,” he said.

Mr Trawen said community-based organizations played an important role in working along with the PNGEC in delivering voter education and awareness messages as well as civic education and awareness messages on good governance and cross-cutting issues like gender and HIV-AIDS.

“Voter education was crucial in determining the successful outcome of the elections and community-based organizations who are our partners in election awareness delivered PNGEC’s key election awareness messages.

“The result is that voters in the 2012 elections made informed choices on the ballot papers and this was clearly reflected in the election results.

“Voters’ and candidates’ behaviour steadily changed in these elections compared to 2007 and we expect to see an improved in the next elections in 2017,” Mr Trawen said.

Commissioner Trawen also thanked many temporary poll workers and counting officials throughout the country that assisted PNGEC in successfully conducting and concluding the 2012 elections.

He further acknowledged the role of the media in the coverage of the 2012 elections and thanked them for their tireless efforts in reporting election and election-related issues and results to the people of PNG as well as the international community.

“I want to place on record my deepest appreciation to you media for having played a significant role in disseminating election news and results to the people of Papua New Guinea” he concluded.