Somare to back candidates who are anti-O'Neill and Namah

04/06/2012 11:48




The Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has finished the week holding rallies in different parts of the Wewak electorate.

Sir Michael said, “I should only be campaigning for my party candidates and looking forward to my retirement but the events since August have forced me to stand again in the East Sepik Provincial seat in order to right the wrongs since August last year.

“My team has spent lots of time and money fighting the cause for PNG. The breaches and violations to our Constitution that culminated in the ridiculous events last week must stop. If we allow rogues to make up rules as they go along we will be in deeper trouble by August this year if we allow them to return to parliament,” he said.

Sir Michael spent last week informing people of Wewak electorate about O’Neill and Namah’s corruption of the law and Constitution in the country. He informed Sepiks of O’Neill and Namah’s constant attacks on the third arm of government, the judiciary.

Sir Michael supported candidates that opposed the re-election of members of parliament who do not respect the rule of law and the separation of powers in our system of democracy.

He introduced Sepiks voters to National Alliance candidates running in the province: Wewak seat – Jim Simatap, Yangoru – Peter Wararu, Maprik – John Simon, Ambunti Drekikir – Tony Aimo, Wosera Gawi – Paul Malken, and Angoram – Arthur Somare.

Sir Michael informed voters of political parties that are working with National Alliance, namely People’s United Assembly, Pangu Pati, Melanesian Alliance, People’s Party and the National Party.

This week Sir Michael will be visiting Lae to support his National Alliance Candidates of Morobe: Lae - Benson Nablu, Nawaeb - Timothy Bonga; Markham - Paul Kasi; Huon Gulf - Peter Namus, Menyamya – Hiob Darius; and Bulolo – Max Giamiti.