Somare: go back to your electorates and stop making PNG a laughing stock

31/05/2012 00:47




The Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare has called on Mr Peter O’Neill and his rogue team to stop making PNG the laughing stock of the Pacific and the Commonwealth.

Sir Michael said: “I urge all members of parliament who are intending candidates to return to your electorates and start campaigning instead of making a mockery of parliament. You have set a dangerous precedent forfuture members of parliament if no corrective measures are made to right the wrongs committed over the last ten months.

You rogue MPs have demeaned parliament with your continued irreverent and illegal behaviour. If you cannot take parliament seriously and continue to abuse the power bestowed on you as elected representatives then you are not fit to continue in future positions ofleadership in PNG. You have shown no respect for tradition or protocol let alone the rule of law. You have continued to stalk the judiciary since August under the guise of fulfilling the required nine weeks of parliament for the year.

Nor does a member of parliament anywhere in the Commonwealth order police to pursue a Chief Justice in the manner in which Mr Belden Namah pursued Sir Salamo Injia. What shame you all bring to Papua New Guinea.

It is important that you return to your respective electorates immediately to face your people and ask for their mandate as your current mandate is about to expire. We are tribal people and have our own meeting places such as the ‘hausman’ that we all consider places of reverence. Traditionally irreverence to sacred places leads to one’s own demise.

MrO’Neill and his fellow rogues have crossed the line of decency. Your actions will determine your fate in your respective electorates. I call on Papua New Guineans to not choose such irreverent, bullish leaders in the coming elections".