Papua New Guinea Issues in Perspective brings you the Supreme Court decisions that reinstated Somare

16/12/2011 13:57


The key players: PNG's veteran MP Sir Michael Somare, Chief Justice Sir Salamoa who chaired the Supreme Court bench which reinstated Sir Michael and Parliament's elected PM Peter O'Neill. 


The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court on Monday 12 December reinstated Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in a 3-2 decision.

That date will now go down in the annals of PNG’s history as it triggered of chain of events which saw Parliament re-elect incumbent Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister despite the court ruling. The court’s decision has had wider ramifications on PNG due to the current stalemate between Mr O’Neill and Sir Michael, which both camps refusing to back down from their claims to being the legitimate government.

One of the goals of this website Papua New Guinea Issues in Perspective is to promote debate on issues that affect the lives of Papua New Guineans. So to enable debate and discussion on the current impasse see below electronic copies of the judgements of four of the five judges which comprised the Supreme Court bench.  We hope to bring you the decision of the fifth judge, Justice Bernard Sakora, when it is made available.

FINAL DRAFT - INJIA, CJ.pdf (486,4 kB)
FINAL DRAFT - KIRRIWOM, J.pdf (643,1 kB)
FINAL DRAFT SCR 3 OF 2011 - SALIKA DCJ.pdf (458,1 kB)