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Papua New Guinea Issues in Perspective (PNG Perspective) is one of Papua New Guinea’s fastest growing websites. It has to date logged over 4 million hits, 1.2 million visits and over 40,000 unique visitors mainly from the United States, Australia, PNG and selected countries in Asia and Europe. PNG Perspective was created to analyse development challenges in PNG and to promote debate on how they impact on the lives of ordinary Papua New Guineans. It is a staunch supporter of free speech and advocates the role that the media can play in promoting transparency and accountability in both the government and private sectors. Please do find time to read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy and comments or suggestions are welcome. You can also follow us on Twitter @Arheeney or Facebook.

Dawn of a new year. What does 2014 hold for ordinary Papua New Guineans and their dreams for a better life?


O'Neill: govt to foot 75% of school fee bill next year

30/08/2011 18:54
  PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill today pledged to subsidise up to 75 per cent in school fee costs for Papua New Guinean children. The country’s Education Department estimates 2 million...

PNG Govt PR: Govt to focus on infrastructure

21/08/2011 16:28
  mr_Govt_to_fix_bridges_throughout_PNG[1].pdf (91,9 kB)

PNG Govt PR: O'Neill govt to tackle corruption

21/08/2011 16:27
  mr_Govt_serious_about_combating_corruption[1].pdf (94 kB)

East Sepik govt stripped of financial powers

21/08/2011 15:33
  The fight for legitimacy between the toppled Somare regime and the O’Neill government has taken a new twist with reports emerging that cabinet has stripped the East Sepik provincial...
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