PNG New Voices: where are the opportunities for the ordinary Papua New Guinean?

26/10/2012 11:55
  Myer Foundation Melanesia Program Director Jenny Hayward-Jones. Picture courtesy of the Lowy Institute for International Policy       By Jenny Hayward-Jones Right move, right place, right time – that’s the popular view of the New Voices conference...

What message is Papua New Guinea giving by harbouring Djoko Tjandra?

25/10/2012 21:56
Wanted Indonesian fugitive Djoko Tjandra. Picture courtesy of the  Tempo Magazine        By Gary Juffa, MP I believe that we are mandated as leaders to represent the people of our nation, the 7 million shareholders of Papua New Guinea (PNG). I have found...

Replacing PNG Power's ageing workforce will work wonders

18/10/2012 15:47
PNG Power Ltd workers replacing a transformer in a Port Moresby suburb.       By Ellison Pidik PNG Power Limited (PPL), Papua New Guinea’s state-owned supplier of electricity, is a monopoly, riddled with a lot of inefficiencies. PPL is not only going to have big...

Social media: a friend or foe to Papua New Guinea's mainstream media?

11/10/2012 16:43
Is social media such as Facebook a friend or foe to PNG's mainstream media?         By Ben Yamai Can social media transform Papua New Guinea? This question was posed by researcher and PhD candidate Michelle Nayahamui Rooney recently in light of the...

Gavamani, where the bloody hell are you?

08/10/2012 11:50
Papua New Guinea's 111-seat national parliament in the capital Port Moresby.     By Steve Reynolds I was outside my house watching two drunken boys fight while people gathered to find out the cause of the melee. The boys were grade 10 drop-outs from last year, they...

Where is government presence in Papua New Guinea?

06/10/2012 07:13
          I was outside my house watching two drunken boys fight while people gathered to find out the cause of the melee. The boys were grade 10 drop-outs from last year, they looked too young to get into brawls. I could feel that something was seriously...

My dream for a better Papua New Guinea

02/10/2012 15:01
          By Kofi Assan, Mangi Tari Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minster, Speaker of Parliament, Members of Parliament and Papua New Guineans. Papua New Guinea’s economy revolves around the export of raw materials. We still export our gold, cocoa, fruits...

NRI research fellow: deepsea mining is risky business

28/08/2012 17:48
Will the Nautilus Minerals' Solwara Project affect East New Britain province fishermen and their families?         By Nalau Bingeding THIS is a reality of life. Every development comes at a cost to any organism (including man) that occupies an area of land, air...

Giving autonomy to provinces will resolve PNG's governance woes

31/05/2012 07:34
  PNG's cultural diversity continues to present challenges for central government.   By guest blogger Manu Bobola Singapore's success can be attributed to their benevolent dictator who instilled authoritarian rule for 40 years. This created a strong stable government, a...

The PNG diplomat in Honiara should be reprimanded

08/05/2012 13:38
The PNG High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Brian Yombon-Copio   Sometimes it pays not to comment at all, especially if you are a diplomat and represent “two governments” whose own legitimacies as governments are before a court of law. Consequently the recent statements by the...
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