Tokura: police ready for polling in the National Capital District

26/06/2012 00:27




NCD-CENTRAL Divisional Commander ACP Francis Tokura said today (Monday June 25, 2012) that after the second day of polling in the Central Province most polling stations resumed as normal throughout the province.

ACP Tokura said from Agevairu which is down along the Hiritano Highway towards the Gulf Province, the only problem they were faced with was voters who did not have their names on the Common Rolls.

“One major issue which was brought to us was that many people starting from Kuriva all the way through to Doa Plantation and Agevairu were complaining that their names were not on the Common Roll,” Mr Tokura said.

However, ACP Tokura and polling officials had advised these people that this was a matter which the people needed to take up with the Electoral Commission.

“We have informed the people that police and polling officials are only here to make sure that polling runs smoothly and any complaints which they might have on the issue of polling or common roll should be made to the Electoral Commission,” ACP Tokura said.

Meanwhile, he said security operations for the NCD were in full readiness for tomorrow’s  (Tuesday June 26, 2012) polling in the National Capital District. ACP Tokura said he had received information regarding the discharge of a high-powered firearm at the Hohola 3 suburb just a day before polling is to begin in NCD, and will be calling on the Hohola Police Station commander to investigate the incident.

ACP Tokura has made a special appeal to the people of NCD to  observe the rule of law and to “exercise your constitutional right to vote for the candidates of your choice”, as polling gets under way in the National Capital tomorrow (Tuesday June 26, 2012).