Somare satisfied with outcome of nationwide campaign

26/06/2012 08:03




The Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare expressed satisfaction that the campaign period is now over and in most parts of the country, candidates and supporters carried out a clean campaign for the 2012 General Elections.

Sir Michael commended people around the country for realizing the importance of maintaining law and order during this crucial time in our political history.

He visited parts of the Islands Region, the Highlands and Momase Region during the shortened campaign period of 34 days.

He said, “Firstly I would like to send my sincere apologies to communities that prepared for my visit to your electorates in different parts of the country. The limitation on time by two weeks prevented me from visiting everyone.

“I will certainly make a special effort after the formation of government to visit the areas where I was not able to visit during the campaign period.

“As a leader of Papua New Guinea over many years, it is also my intention to visit every corner of the country during the next term of government to thank everyone for their confidence in my leadership and to say my final farewell.

“For now as the polling period has now commenced I urge all voters, candidates and their supporters to be responsible by tolerating one another and not inciting unrest in your communities. This will help the work of the disciplinary forces and will ensure that elections in your respective areas run smoothly and successfully.

The Grand Chief said, “It is important that every citizen takes personal responsibility during polling and counting so we do not have any failed election and legitimate representatives are declared to represent you for the full five year term in government.”

Sir Michael will cast his vote on Monday 25 June in his home village of Karau (Murik Lakes) in the Angoram District of East Sepik.