Polling in Hela likely to go on for three days, say Police

26/06/2012 00:23




POLLING in volatile Hela province is likely to go in to its third day because of bad weather.

Assistant Police Commissioner overlooking the polling operations in Hela province, Thomas Eluh told this reporter that it is likely that polling will continue into its third day, because bad weather has hampered security personnel and polling officials from flying in to some polling areas.

The areas that are currently affected by bad weather are Koroba, Busavi and Magarima.

“The weather has been very bad since Saturday but as of today it is looking good and polling officials and security personnel will be flown to these areas where polling is likely to be extended for these areas.”

Mr Eluh said polling kick started in the province on Saturday but as expected, candidates and their supporters tried to disrupt many polling booths in the province but these issues were manageable and elections will continue until polling is completed throughout the province.

He also reported some gun shots fired by security forces in the provinces capital Tari after frustrated voters tried to take control of polling.

Mr Eluh also reported the killing of a man in Oyabia village on Saturday but said the killing is not related to the elections because it was an outstanding payback killing but police are monitoring the situation because it might spill over in to another election related warfare.

Police Commissioner Toami  Kulunga  flew to the Province on Saturday and after witnessing these incidents requested the Chief Electoral Commissioner to extend polling for another day.