Police: we dont expect trouble in Western province elections

25/06/2012 23:20




PEOPLE in the Western Province have been urged to vote wisely and choose leaders who will bring development, services and a better life to them and the country as a whole.

On the other hand, police personnel deployed for the province in the polling have been urged to use common sense in dealing with any threats that might arise during polling.

Provincial Police Commander for Western Province, Chief Inspector Silva Sika says that while the province is generally a peaceful one and he is not anticipating any election related troubles, 300 of his men are ready to provide safety and security during polling at the various polling locations in the three districts of North, South and Middle Fly.

“Western province is a very peaceful place, unlike some others in the country. I am not anticipating any hiccups, but my men are ready to deal with any unusual behaviour that might arise.

“I have advised my men to make sure that whatever they do, always use their common sense and dealt with the issue on the spot,” Mr Sika said.

Chief Inspector Sika says that he has been slotted time and space on the NBC Radio Western Province and the Ok Tedi community radio, Radio Fly, where he has been able to give awareness on safety, security and even for people to choose and vote wisely.

“Election comes only once in 5 years, and I have been advising the people of Western Province to vote wisely. This election and is all about development and change for a better perspective in doing things, as well as getting a better life and services. Choose someone who will deliver. So people should vote wisely in a free, fair and safe election, free from any form of influence,” he said.

Chief Inspector Sika says his men are ready and since this week Wednesday, they have been providing security to transport by dinghy, car and helicopters, ballot papers and other polling materials to the designated places in the three districts.

The 300 police personnel who will be deployed for the polling consists of regular, reserve and auxiliary police man and women and they will be spread out within the three districts.

He also says that during the pre polling period, the police in the province have been carrying out awareness by taking part in the dissemination of election related education awareness to people and communities on HIV/AIDS, unacceptable behaviour and to vote wisely.

He says that the police in the province have a good working relationship with the community and their leaders in ensuring that the election proceed well and people vote freely for the right leaders.

Chief Inspector Sika says all in all, in a peaceful province such as the Western province, he is not anticipating any issues, no law and order problems but they are all set to kick off for the big event which kicks off tomorrow. However, for the Western province, polling is expected to commence next week and will be conducted within 14 days.