Police appeal to candidates in Simbu province to respect the rule of law

26/06/2012 00:18




Simbu Police intervene into continuous fights amongst contenders of Chuave Open Seat.

Provincial Police Commander of Simbu Province, Superintendent, Augustine Wampe, has summoned all intending candidates who are vying for the Chuave Open seat to front up at the Kundiawa Police Station at 10am tomorrow (Monday June 25) for a meet with him following continuous fights among contenders for the Chuave Open Seat.

The call also goes out to sitting Member Jim Nomane to turn up at this meet, which is aimed at resolving continuous brutal attacks amongst the sitting Members and their supporters which has almost resulted in a major casualty last week.

Mr Wampe confirms that a Defence Force soldiers was shot and wounded this week by an intending candidate for the Regional Seat, Mr Simon Kandi, after security personnels advanced on a major clash amongst candidates and supporters in the Province.

The candidate is now locked up after being charged for attempted murder.

The PPC confirmed that he was in Mt Hagen on Friday, securing assistance from the Taskforce there to arrest the candidate and is now heading back into Simbu to meet with the candidates under tight security presence.

His message to them will be to go to the polls without having any major disputes amongst each other and let the people decide for themselves, who they choose to be their leader for the next 5 years.

Mr Wampe says, he is meeting with the candidates, in order to inform them also that police will be on high alert on polling day which is scheduled for the 2nd of July.

He is also appealing to the General Public to refrain from involving themselves in a manner which is threatening to the smooth running and progress of the election.