MPs' powerplays detrimental to PNG

12/09/2011 11:51
Guest Blogger Cottingham Geno In the online news in PNG there are numerous articles on the 'toing and froing' of members of parliament and this has invoked my interest in the political state of affairs in PNG right now. Has the Parliament of PNG lost its definition and purpose? I understand...

The rise of social media in PNG

06/09/2011 08:19
  PNG Blogger Emmanuel Narokobi was a participant at the Lowy Institute's Pacific Islands and the World Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.  He talked on the rise of social media in PNG and the political atmosphere in Port Moresby, PNG. 

Speaker Nape becomes 'kingmaker' but for how long?

30/08/2011 12:45
National parliament speaker Jeffrey Nape in his National Alliance Party (NA) colours  at a party convention.    When the dust settles from the celebration or disappointment of ushering in a ‘new’ government one PNG politician will have reason to keep smiling – Jeffrey...
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