Canada has explicit separation of powers between arms of government

26/03/2012 10:37
Parliament-elected Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.   By Janethie Tinga @ Papua New Guinea Politics I want to comment on the following quote (by parliament-elected Prime Minister Peter O’Neill): “The Law is not draconian and does not erode the impartiality of the judges as voiced...

Papua New Guineans, stand up for democracy !

25/03/2012 13:36
University of PNG students lead a protest march against the O'Neill government's controversial Judicial Conduct Act last Friday. Picture courtesy of Cybele Druma/ The Truth As It Is - PNG   By Cybele Druma @ The Truth As It Is - PNG When the media is compromised and...

PNG civil society formulate action against O'Neill govt's Judicial Conduct Act

24/03/2012 23:54
PNG blogger and University of PNG student Nou Vada giving a presentation at the CCAC meeting. Picture courtesy of ID PNG of The Truth As It Is PNG (Facebook group).   By Jaive Smare @ The Truth As It Is PNG Notes from the Community Coalition Against Corruption (CCAC) meeting...

The O'Neill Govt's Judicial Conduct Bill - which is now an Act

22/03/2012 15:26
The O'Neill/Namah government's Judicial Conduct Bill Click here for the PDF copy of the bill which was passed into law by the Papua New Guinea parliament on Wednesday March 21, 2012.   

Is the O'Neill government deferring the elections?

18/03/2012 17:58
  By Cybele Druma @ The Truth As It Is - PNG Some food for thought.  The O’Neill government could have already agreed for parliament to vote to suspend the constitution and defer the elections. First, we need to look at the actions they have taken so far and deduce their...

Feeger: Rise up musicians and artists of PNG

17/03/2012 12:20
Johnny Clegg, an award-winning South African dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic and activist. Picture courtesy of Andreas Keller.    By Jeffry Feeger @ PNG Contemporary Arts I went to the Johnny Clegg and Savuka concert last Thursday night in Sydney...

Raising the profile of Papua New Guinea in Australia

13/03/2012 12:10
Hon Richard Marles MP. Picture courtesy of AusAID   By Hon Richard Marles MP Acknowledgements Thank you.  I’d like to acknowledge HE Ian Kemish, Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea and I would also like acknowledge my colleague and very very good friend...

Papua New Guineans need to vote for change

12/03/2012 21:58
Papua New Guinean voters checking out a list of candidates in the 2007 general election.   By Nick Laki @ Sharp Talk If you are a member of a community or society which is going to vote in June you need to walk out to your next street, block, corner and campaign...

Informal markets can tackle poverty and empower women

11/03/2012 22:12
A woman betelnut vendor in Kokopo, East New Britain.   By Dr Yunxian Wang and Dr Kyoko Kusakabe RECENTLY vendors in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) city of Lae took its city council to court arguing that the city’s urban municipal athority has only regulatory power in line with health...

Equip, train and appreciate the Royal PNG Constabulary to reduce crime

05/03/2012 00:06
  By Deborah R. Telek (Sharp Talk)  The Royal PNG Constabulary needs more support from the government of the day. A well trained, well organised and adequately equipped and compensated force will bring stability to our country. Any government, which wants to see change...
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