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Diplomatic Community

21/08/2011 22:14
  Australian High Commission British High Commission New Zealand High Commission US Embassy Embassy of Japan Embassy of the People's Republic of China European Union Delegation United Nations Development Programme  

PNG Govt

21/08/2011 21:14
  Prime Minister of PNG Department of Treasury Department of Finance Department of Health Department of Education Bank of PNG Internal Revenue Commission Investment Promotion Authority Mineral Resources Authority Law and Justice Sector Immigration and Citizenship...

PNG e-news

21/08/2011 21:02
  PNG Post-Courier The National Sunday Chronicle Wantok Nius National Broadcasting Commission EMTV FM 100 PNG Media Council

PNG Govt PR: Govt to focus on infrastructure

21/08/2011 16:28
  mr_Govt_to_fix_bridges_throughout_PNG[1].pdf (91,9 kB)

PNG Govt PR: O'Neill govt to tackle corruption

21/08/2011 16:27
  mr_Govt_serious_about_combating_corruption[1].pdf (94 kB)

East Sepik govt stripped of financial powers

21/08/2011 15:33
  The fight for legitimacy between the toppled Somare regime and the O’Neill government has taken a new twist with reports emerging that cabinet has stripped the East Sepik provincial government of its financial powers. The East Sepik provincial executive has filed a Supreme Court...

O'Neill govt in court over election

21/08/2011 15:32
  The future of the recently installed O’Neill government remains uncertain with the Ombudsman Commission (OC) making an application to the PNG Supreme Court to join as a party. The East Sepik provincial government, headed by governor and National Alliance Party (NA) member Peter...

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14/08/2011 11:54
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